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Dana Ortt/Nagato @ Guido’s Speakeasy – April 13, 2019

Dana Ortt – A solo act (He’s also a member of Pale Divine and Beelzefuzz) rocking a gritty acoustic guitar…

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Void Vator (LA)/Faith In Jane @ Guido’s Speakeasy – April 12, 2019

Void Vator (LA) (Listen)- 80s inspired Metal/rock with speed and technical proficiency in absolute shredding. Thick sludge guitar riffs, driving…

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Jack Funk @ Café Nola – April 12, 2019

Jack Funk (Listen)- This band is in the pocket whether they’re jamming on heavier rock or on their funk/soul mix….

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Robyn Hitchcock @ Barns at Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA) – April 11, 201

Robyn Hitchcock’s performance at the Barns of Wolf Trap was an intimate night of serene acoustic song versions on guitar…

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Listening Room Sessions @ Café Nola – Diane Bunch/Caleb P. Rose/Ash Cheshire – April 7, 2019

Each Sunday evening (7-10 PM) at Cafe Nola you’ll find what is being called “Listening Room Sessions”. Essentially, the idea…

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Marshal Fuzz/Endless Taile/Fuzz King @ Century (Philly, PA) – April 6, 2019

My friends in Marshal Fuzz asked if I’d be down to play a show drumming for them in Philly… I…

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Sullen Brothr/Crooked Hills/Forges @ Café Nola – April 5, 2019

Sullen Brothr (listen)- Atmospheric instrumental post-rock. Most songs start delicate and then blossom as the emotion carries them. The light…

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Billy Idol (Meeting Him!) + Show Review @ Lincoln Theatre (DC) – April 1, 2019

Billy Idol and Steve Stevens brought their “turned on, tuned in and unplugged” tour to the Lincoln Theatre Monday night….

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Silent Old Mtns. @ Café Nola – March 30, 2019

Silent Old Mtns. (listen)- Saturday night’s Silent Old Mtns. show at NOLA was to a packed crowd that was wild…

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Chevre/Marshal Fuzz @ Café Nola – March 29, 2019

Chevre (listen)- Solid rock that’s soulful within its soft moments – jazzy drumming mixes with laid back bass, light rhythmic…

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Avstin/Nowns @ Guido’s Speakeasy – March 29, 2019

Avstin – Described on the show event page as “atmospheric indie”. I definitely felt that wholeheartedly, even though I only…

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Doublemotorcycle/Samuel Powers @ Flying Dog Brewery (March 22, 2019)

Doublemotorcycle (listen)- It’s so interesting seeing this wild band acoustic (especially when they don’t have electric acoustic guitars). Nonetheless, they…

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Apex @ Area 31 (DaMOOD & Doublemotorcycle) + Savannah Brockhoeft & DJ Baspy (March 9, 2019)

This show was truly the rad party it was cracked up to be. Live painting by Savannah Brockhoeft was super…

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The Dirty Middle @ Milkhouse Brewery (March 9, 2019)

Milkhouse Brewery is pretty cool – chill and laid back atmosphere. I know the surrounding area well having lived in…