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Sammie J @ Frederick Coffee Co. – December 6, 2019

Sammie J -An amazing voice full of depth and insane control with near perfect pitch on a wide range of…

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(EP Review) Jack Funk – It’s That Time

It’s That Time is Frederick Funk Rock/Jam band Jack Funk’s second EP. This EP brings forward the last work that…

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One Year! [What is Frederick Reflection]

ONE YEAR. NEARLY 200 POSTS. 16,000 VIEWS AND 9,424 VISITORS.  I never imagined how What is Frederick would end up……

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Swerves @ Cafe Nola – November 27, 2019

Swerves – Indie pop with a blatant edge that finds itself through finger picked melodic guitar parts and vocal melodies…

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Who, Me?/Suspect Device/Marshal Fuzz @ Frederick Eagles Club – November 16, 2019

Who, Me? Suspect Device Marshal Fuzz

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Don Jamieson + Offensive Release Party with A Sound of Thunder, Marshal Fuzz, Sweet Sister Misery, Screaming Mad Dee and Warmask @ Café 611 – November 15, 2019

Warmask Screaming Mad Dee Sweet Sister Misery Marshal Fuzz Offensive A Sound of Thunder

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Crack The Sky @ Rams Head on Stage – November 10, 2019

A packed crowd on Crack The Sky’s third show of the weekend at the intimate and wonderful Rams Head on…

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Dosser/Cosmic Halitosis @ Café Nola – November 8, 2019

Dosser – Supercharged shoegaze Cosmic Halitosis – Grungey and loud power pop anthems.

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VZN/Weatherworn/Although @ Frederick Eagles Club – November 8, 2019

VZN – Rap/Pop mix Weatherworn (VA) Emo (early 2000s influence) Although – 90s Alternative sound (big riffs, coordinated jam sections…

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Middle Kid’s new album “Queen of Rockledge” is out now!

Listen on all streaming platforms or buy the CD on bandcamp.

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Q+A with Ken Demith from (Ken Demith Collection)

Q: When did you start playing music and why? A: When I was 14 I wanted an electric car racetrack…

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Sunniva/Brady Danger @ Blue Side – November 1, 2019

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Mateo Monk @ Café Nola – November 1, 2019

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Abaddon -Above All Else (Review)

LISTEN ON SPOTIFY LISTEN ON SOUNDLCOUD Here’s a Frederick band consisting of three high schoolers who recorded an album in…