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Heartbreaker’s Ball @ House Cat Brewing (Marshal Fuzz, Shadow Apparatus, Antonio Fato, Young Skittles, Evan Matthew Delsack) – February 16, 2019

…declares: “I’ve been down, time to get up now” Shadow Apparatus – Fierce punk with some poppy vocal harmonies. A certain heaviness is combated with their sensibility/being able to feel…

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Shadow Apparatus/Marshal Fuzz/The Fun Boys @ Café Nola – November 21, 2018

Shadow Apparatus – Post punk jams with angsty vocals produce songs like “Fuck Mondays”. Synchronized yet sporadic drumbeats mix with syncopated bass and guitar riffs. They’re primarily energetic but also…


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The Dirty Middle @ Milkhouse Brewery (March 9, 2019)

…great to see bands that are unashamedly themselves. Justin Ehrlich is a familiar sight to those who have seen my write ups on Shadow Apparatus. Saturday night held one of…

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The Thing 2018 Overview

…you check out, especially when they’re right in Frederick. Dot Dash Miss Lonelyheart – Often classified as dad-rock or any other slightly offending genre you could make up would overshadow

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Podcast Episode 1: Matt John & Suli Rahman (Lunchbox Productions) + Brad Newman, JB Dunn and Colton Brady

So at the Heartbreaker’s Ball (House Cat Brewing) show I was asked by Matt and Suli to host an interview for their production company Lunchbox Productions. I saw…