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(Review) Zachary J Savage – Hiya

Hiya (Listen Here) is an album from Zachary J Savage that was recently released on December 21st. Savage cited the album…

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(New Christmas Song) by Mr. Husband

Listen Here!

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Sprouts/Winnebago Vacation/Eyebawl/Gloop @ Cafe Nola -December 20, 2019

Sometimes I can’t make it to a super amazing show such as this one. Thankfully some awesome people (Zack Willis…

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(Review) snaLE – Bumps in the Night?

Bumps in the Night? Is the first solo release from Frederick area rapper snaLE. I reviewed the EP and each…

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Sean Crow @ Olde Mother Brewing – December 10, 2019

Sean Crow – Heartfelt and honest country with simple acoustic guitar and a rugged voice. Often the guitar carries the…

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Little River Creek Police/Limousine Beach/Tuff Junior @ Cafe Nola – December 6, 2019

Little River Creek Police– self described as folk-punk, this trio delivers a punchy sound with bass and drums providing the…

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Silent Old Mtns. (Album Release) @ Olde Mother Brewing Co. – December 6, 2019

Each Mtns show always feels like a special occasion. The musical entity and the members within it all possess such…

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Sammie J @ Frederick Coffee Co. – December 6, 2019

Sammie J -An amazing voice full of depth and insane control with near perfect pitch on a wide range of…

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(EP Review) Jack Funk – It’s That Time

It’s That Time is Frederick Funk Rock/Jam band Jack Funk’s second EP. This EP brings forward the last work that…