5 Ways to Find New Music

With so much music available today with the advent of the internet, finding new music to enjoy can be a daunting task. Here are some ways I find new music that piques my interest.

Spotify – Discover Tab
When using the spotify app, click in the upper left corner and a drop-down menu appears. Click the discover tab. This tab gives you recommended bands, artists, and songs based on your music listening habits on spotify.
Last.fm – Similar Artists
Go to the website last.fm and type in an artist or band you love in the search bar. Fine the artist’s page and click on it. While scrolling down the page, look on the right side of the page where you will find a section saying “similar artists’. Click on similar artists and last.fm will give you nearly twenty pages of similar artists for certain pages.
HypeMachine- hypem.com
This website gives you the most popular shared music across many sites and blogs. If you want a very varied mix of all genres, then this is the site for you.
Discovr Music – Iphone App
This app lets you type in an artist and get  a few similar artists, and from there you can click on those artists and get even more. This is an app that can get you from a classic rock band to a rap group or even a world music if you delve deep enough.
Record Stores

Why not support a local small business? We now have three great record stores in Frederick with an eclectic taste in music. Record Exchange, Rock and Roll Graveyard and Vinyl Acres are all in Frederick.  Oftentimes you can take a chance on a cheap album that looks interesting, which is how I’ve found many of my new favorite bands. You can also get to know the shop owners and they can get a feel for your music taste to make recommendations for you.

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